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Teacher's Guide: Discover Africa

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A companion guide to our Discover Africa Workbook, our Teacher's Guide features:

  • 86 pages, beautifully formatted and ready for printing, or for use on a desktop or tablet as a resource guide.
  • Detailed illustrations on how to use the Teacher's Guide.
  • One informational page for each African country, including answers that coordinate with the Discover Africa workbook pages.
    • Use as your complete spine for the workbook,
    • Or utilize the included links and resources as a springboard for customizing a unique curriculum for your students.
  • Bonus "For Your Information" pages include suggestions for supplementary lesson topics, as well as information and resources for sensitive topics like slavery, HIV/AIDS, and colonization.
  • Extra pages to supplement your lessons include information on wealth & poverty, population statistics, subregions, physical geography, trivia, a glossary, and more!


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Last updated Aug 31, 2023

86 page Teacher's Guide to complement our Discover Africa Workbook (workbook not included)

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Teacher's Guide: Discover Africa

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